Swing Bin Liners

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Product Overview

Our swing bin liners make it easy for you to manage the trash. Whether you’re using them at home or work, our swing bin liners are ideal for taking care of everyday waste. Made from recycled materials, their rip-resistant durability guarantee you won’t be trailing a line of drip marks out to the bins when you take out the trash.

Our swing bin liners come in the following dimensions: 23 x 30’’ and give you plenty of material to cover the rim of your bin. Plus, our swing bin liners come in two gauge options – 9 and 15 microns for stronger, tear-resistant durability.

Choose our swing bin liners for general office or household waste. Ideal for use in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, study or office, our swing bin liners are available in packs of 500 and 1000 and come pre-perforated for easy use.

High-quality swing bin liners at the right price

Order your swing bin liners online from Liners Bags & Sacks Ltd and enjoy fast delivery across the UK.

We are currently unable to offer free delivery to the Highlands & Islands.

Choose your swing bin liners from the following sizes and gauges:

• Light duty, 23 x 30″ 30 gauge (9 microns) in 1000s
• Medium duty 23 x 30″ 60 gauge (15 microns) in 500s

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