White refuse sacks MED duty 18x29x39″ x 50. 12kg

Product Overview

Recycled materials, slight colour variance per batch

Typical use: General residential & commercial waste & recycling identification

Width: 29 inches (725mm)

Length: 39 Inches (975mm)

Total ‘opening’ circumference = 58″

This is a standard dustbin sized sack 90 litre capacity

Medium duty

Approx carrying capacity 12kg

Quantity: 50 White Refuse Sacks Per Case

The ‘gauge’ of a sack was used to measure the thickness and therefore strength of a sack, with improved manufacturing methods sacks are becoming thinner, but stronger. Therefore most sacks are now measured, not by thickness, but equivalent strengths

Enquiries to 01269 860003

Price: £7.20